L.A. Unified Commits to Pay Raise, Teacher Quality, Reducing Class Size

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 25, 2018) – The Los Angeles Board of Education voted today to put student equity first by promoting teacher quality and reducing class size within the United Teacher Los Angeles (UTLA) contract. Following today’s vote, the Superintendent and the Board of Education made an offer to UTLA that provides for a fair pay raise for teachers, additional teachers in high-needs schools, teacher pay aligned with student needs, and increased transparency in the UTLA contract.

“Today’s offer to L.A. Unified’s teachers shows our commitment to helping students most in need,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “Our offer creates a pathway for L.A. Unified and UTLA to avoid a strike that would hurt L.A.’s most vulnerable students and families.”

L.A. Unified’s offer to UTLA will:

  • Add teachers and reduce class size in 15 middle schools and 75 elementary schools in communities that have the highest needs
  • Provide additional pay to teachers for taking courses in STEAM, dual language instruction, early literacy intervention and other areas that help teachers better support their students
  • Provide a 6 percent salary increase for all teachers
  • Create a “plain language” version of the labor contract to help students, families and our communities have a voice in all of the issues the contract covers

L.A. Unified is scheduled to enter the formal mediation process with UTLA on Thursday, September 27. The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) of California will oversee the mediation.

School Board President Móníca García said, “We are a community of leaders that create the village that is L.A. Unified. It takes our collective minds, abilities and decisions to make progress and achieve. This offer is an opportunity to acknowledge the need to increase teacher compensation, equity and understanding of the challenges facing our District and community. We are all part of the solution at L.A. Unified. I am grateful to all those who come together to resolve our labor negotiations.”

School Board Vice President, Nick Melvoin said, “It is critical that L.A. Unified be a District of choice for our families and our employees. To that end, we need a contract that treats teachers like professionals and gives them the support and resources they need to improve achievement for our kids” He added, “We can’t do it alone, and when 90 percent of our funding comes from the state, it’s time for our leaders in Sacramento to step up and invest in our kids.”

School Board Member Kelly Gonez said, “This offer reflects our respect and recognition of our teachers and the incredible work they do on behalf of our students. While I wish our finances allowed us to go farther, this offer also makes the most of our limited dollars in support of students and schools, especially those with the highest needs.”


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