Los Angeles Unified School District Statement on UTLA Strike Vote

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 31, 2018) - Following the Board of Education's statement at the Board meeting on Aug. 21, L.A. Unified remains opposed to a strike and stands with students, families, and employees to ensure learning and safety come first.

Students and families will bear the brunt of a strike. We hope our shared responsibility to put students first will prevent a strike and lead to a common sense resolution that recognizes the hard work of our employees while addressing the safety and instructional needs of students and the financial solvency of L.A. Unified.

The Public Employment Relations Board has set the date for mediation on September 27, 2018, as prescribed by California law, and we are looking forward to reaching an agreement. L.A. Unified remains willing to explore any avenue which helps resolve the issues for the benefit of our students, families and communities we serve.

L.A. Unified has reached agreements with labor partners which represent more than 60 percent of the District’s employees, which include salary increases totaling about 6 percent and we are prepared to offer the same to UTLA members.

We are committed to reaching fair contracts in a transparent and thoughtful manner and invite families and communities to learn more about where things stand in the labor negotiations by checking out “Just the Facts” on the L.A. Unified website.

While we work toward a resolution, let’s remember our schools are about teaching and learning. We want to keep the labor discussions out of our schools so the focus can remain on our students. 

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