Board of Education Approves Labor Agreements with AALA, CSEA

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 21, 2018) - The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted 6-0 today to approve labor contracts with the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA), providing their members with raises totaling about 6 percent.

Prior to taking the vote, Board President Mónica García read a statement on behalf of the Board regarding ongoing negotiations with United Teachers Los Angeles.

“The Board of Education stands with students, their families and employees to ensure learning and safety come first in L.A. Unified,” the statement said. “There is currently an effort to call for a strike that pits adults versus adults when students and their families will bear the brunt of a strike action. For this reason, we, the Board of Education, do not support a strike. We hope the shared responsibility to put students first will lead to a common sense resolution that acknowledges the hard work of our employees while addressing the safety and instructional needs of students and the financial solvency of L.A. Unified.”

Together with the contract approved this June with the 32,000 members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 99, L.A. Unified has reached agreements with more than 60 percent of its workforce.

“These agreements demonstrate the District’s commitment to our school leaders, teacher’s assistants, bus drivers, custodians, food service employees and library aides who, alongside teachers, work tirelessly every day to make each of our schools places of great teaching and learning,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “We appreciate the dedication of the negotiators for the District, AALA and CSEA in reaching a resolution.”

“Thank you to our leaders for working together and creating a positive path forward,” Board President García said. “We applaud our labor leaders and District officials for reaching an agreement.”

“After having visited over 150 schools and meeting with hundreds of dedicated employees of Board District 4, from administrators to library aides, I know that we need to make responsible financial decisions to get more money into our schools and give all employees the resources they need to work hard for our students," Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said.

“We are pleased with the agreements reached with the bargaining units representing administrators and school employees who play an integral role in the delivery of high-quality education to our students,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said.

“I am always delighted and proud to congratulate both our labor partners and the District for coming together, negotiating in good faith and hammering out mutually beneficial agreements that are good for our hard-working, dedicated employees as well as our kids and families,” Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said. “Congratulations to AALA, CSEA and L.A. Unified!"

“Both agreements acknowledge the value our employees bring to L.A. Unified, while recognizing the ongoing financial challenges we face due to continued underinvestment in public education from the state of California,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “I hope that AALA, CSEA and our other labor partners can work with us to push Sacramento for increased public education funding to give our students and employees the investment they deserve.”

“I am happy to see this agreement with our administrative labor partners worked out before the beginning of the school year,” Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic said. “As ever, it is vital that we ensure our employees are taken care of in a fiscally responsible manner and provide for labor peace.”


Associated Administrators of Los Angeles represents approximately 2,500 certificated principals, assistant principals and non-school-site administrators, as well as a variety of specialists, coordinators and department directors in Los Angeles Unified.

California School Employees Association Chapter 500 represents 4,000 office technicians, library aides, financial managers and other professional clerical and office employees in L.A. Unified.


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