Statement from Los Angeles School Police Chief Steven Zipperman

Aug. 10, 2018

Providing students with the best education possible begins with safe and healthy schools. School safety is one of our top priorities.

We would like to thank City Attorney Mike Feuer and the other members of the Los Angeles School Safety Blue Ribbon Panel for their efforts.

Los Angeles School Police and our Divisions of Student Health and Human Services, District Operations and Facilities continually coordinate, in partnership with local law-enforcement, to keep our schools safe. The Blue Ribbon Safety Panel will help guide the District as we work to protect our schools from violence.

The District aims to make continuous safety improvements to keep our students and employees safe, including the creation of Mental Health Evaluation Teams at each Local District to provide immediate support to students in crisis.

Los Angeles Unified remains committed to working with our stakeholders, the City Attorney’s Office and our other community partners to keep our schools safe.