Statement from Board President Mónica García and Board Vice President Nick Melvoin

This morning, Dr. Ref Rodriguez submitted his resignation from the Board of Education.

As the Board comes together quickly to determine the best way to ensure the constituents of Board District 5 have representation, we remain focused on our goals of improving Los Angeles Unified and ensuring that our students always come first.

We hope to convene the Board in the coming weeks to collaboratively decide the path forward, within the parameters of the process governed by the Los Angeles City Charter. While we would like to ensure no break in representation for District 5 by appointing a temporary voting representative as soon as possible, we would also like to call a special election to fill the vacancy as soon as we can. A Board majority will have to agree to a plan.

In the meantime, we continue to focus on our work: that in this time of serious budget deficits, we are making the right choices to make sure there is a quality teacher in every classroom, less bureaucracy in our administration and more resources in every school. We have much to do and now, more than ever, we are united in our commitment to making the tough decisions required to get it done.