L.A. Unified Board of Education Unanimously Approves Board Vice President Melvoin’s Resolution to “Put Kids First by Keeping Families Together”

LOS ANGELES (July 10, 2018) – The L.A. Unified Board of Education voted unanimously today to approve Board Vice President Nick Melvoin’s resolution, “Putting Kids First Means Keeping Families Together.” It was co-sponsored by Board President Mónica García, Board Member Kelly Gonez and Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez.

In addition to condemning the Trump administration’s atrocious policy of separating families at the border and its harmful impact to kids, the resolution ensures that L.A. Unified will be prepared to embrace and fully support any children that may come to our schools in the wake of the humanitarian crisis caused by these policies, especially in light of recent alarming news that the Trump administration considers placing these children into foster care as a conceivable form of “family reunification.”

“We have to rise to the call of protecting all kids,” Melvoin said of the impetus of this resolution. “That is our duty as educators, as Americans, and as humans – when the current administration acts without any shred of humanity.”

"I’m deeply impacted and disturbed every day by seeing the images of children under 5 coming in front of a judge to plead their case,” said Board President García. "No child should ever have to go through such an experience. Our country is practicing the absence of justice. Justice for all does not look like this.” 

“Los Angeles Unified will continue to welcome all families, serve the needs of all students and provide them the high-quality education they deserve,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner.

“This administration’s heartless separation of migrant families is unconscionable. At Los Angeles Unified, we stand with the families, and will do everything in our power to protect them and give every child the access and supports necessary to get a great public education,” said Board Member Gonez.

“I am at once severely disappointed and honored to co-sponsor this imperative resolution,” said Board Member Dr. Rodriguez. “I am severely disappointed in the current administration’s lack of judgment, character and empathy. Forcibly separating children from their parents in this manner is unconscionable. I am also honored because this cause is essential: One of the defining human rights issues of our era. Through this resolution we are all coming together to signal that, in L.A. Unified, we still have enough perspective to see that the White House is on the wrong side of history.”

“There can be no stronger or more important message to the students and families of Los Angeles Unified than to reassure them that they will always be safe and welcome in our District,” said Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III.

“It is with a heavy heart that today, in the United States of America, it was necessary to cast a vote to condemn the practice of wrenching children away from their parents for the act of merely asking to be considered for asylum from danger and violence in their home countries,” said Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson. “As a school district, we must continue to ensure that all students have access to public education and opportunity, regardless of their immigration background.”

"This administration is flat out on the wrong side of history on this issue,” said Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic. “It is an unconscionable act to divide families, to punish innocent minors and treat them like common criminals, and to tear families apart for what appears so far to be an indeterminate period of time.”

Nick Melvoin is proud to serve the dynamic communities of District 4 as the Vice President of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. Nick’s election to the Board in May of 2017 follows a career fighting for our city’s schoolchildren. He believes that together, with the right leadership, we can ensure that every student in Los Angeles has the opportunity to succeed. Los Angeles Unified Board District 4 includes the communities of Brentwood, Del Rey, East Hollywood, Encino, Hollywood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Topanga, Westchester, West Hollywood, Westwood, Woodland Hills & Venice.


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