L.A. Unified Students Complete Energy Auditor Training Course

LOS ANGELES (June 15, 2018) - Ten L.A. Unified high school students were recently recognized at a culmination reception for completing the District’s Student Energy Auditor Training Program. They were the second cohort of the semester-long program, which began two years ago.

The program was funded by Proposition 39 (California’s Clean Energy Jobs Act) and administered by the Sustainability Initiatives Unit within the Facilities Services Division, in partnership with the Work Experience Education Office. The program allowed students to earn a stipend while learning how to manage energy use, collect and review data and perform energy audits.

The program involved both classroom instruction and field work, which was coordinated by Sandra Hall, program advisor and lead instructor.

Wearing hard hats and work boots and armed with tape measures, light meters and pressure-measuring manometers, the students surveyed the lighting capacity, air filtration and heating systems and other aspects of building science at local schools.

They also received safety training and instruction in resume development, cover letter writing and interview preparation and public speaking.

“The second cohort benefited from the program’s expansion, enabling students to take written and performance exams for national certification as a Building Analyst,” said Christos Chrysiliou, L.A. Unified’s director of Architectural and Engineering Services.

Based on their performance on an exam proctored by the Building Performance Institute, four students received that prestigious national certification. They are Stephen Bailey of Eagle Rock High School; Gualberto Delgado of Hollywood High School;

Narek Ekmekchyan from Valley Alternative Magnet; and Fabian Perez of the Narbonne High Humanities & Arts Academy of Los Angeles.

Ekmekchyan has received three job offers since passing the exam, which tested his skill in checking air infiltration and exfiltration systems and carbon monoxide levels.

“I feel good about the training I received in this exciting program,” Ekmekchyan said. “It helped me to decide what I want to do in life.”


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