L.A. Unified reaches tentative agreement with SEIU Local 99

LOS ANGELES (May 8, 2018) -- The Los Angeles Unified School District and SEIU Local 99 reached a tentative agreement Tuesday night that includes a three-year contract that guarantees raises for the first year, provides economic wage supplements for the second year, which can turn into permanent raises, depending on the financial health of the District, and provides an economic re-opener for the third year.

“Thank you to the SEIU Local 99 and our District’s labor team for coming to a tentative agreement this evening,” said Interim Superintendent Vivian Ekchian. “We worked diligently with SEIU Local 99 leadership to arrive at a long-term solution that meets the needs of our students and employees.”

“Our members are proud of the work they do every day on the front lines of educating our students,” said SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias. “We feel this is a great step from L.A. Unified in recognizing our contributions to the District. We look forward to improving educational outcomes, as well as the wages and working conditions of classified employees.”

“I am grateful to all of the people involved and especially the bargaining teams,” said Board President Mónica García. “They continued to work endless hours to find a solution that will allow our schools to continue operating smoothly, while advancing the respect and dignity of those who work so hard to serve our students well.”

“Our classified employees are the heartbeat of this district, and I'm grateful for their daily service,” said Board Vice President Nick Melvoin. “Every day, they drive our kids, open our schools, feed our students and provide invaluable services to our communities. Only by making responsible financial decisions will this District be able to continue to support our employees – and, of course, our students.”

“Our employees – all of our employees – make a significant difference to our schools.” said Board Member Dr. George McKenna. “I salute all involved for navigating tough negotiations and coming to terms that will enable them to continue serving our students well.”

“Kudos to our leaders for working late into the night to reach a meeting of the minds,” said Board Member Scott Schmerelson. “As a former school administrator, I know first-hand that our schools cannot function without the tireless efforts of all our invaluable employees.”

“Our employees are our greatest asset in this District,” Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez said. “I am grateful to leadership for coming to an agreement that ensures our schools are stable and that our children are served.”

Added Board Member Kelly Gonez, “I am pleased that we were able to reach an agreement tonight that recognizes the invaluable contributions of our hard-working classified employees while also acknowledging our financial realities as a District.”

“I am proud of our L.A. Unified family, that we were able to work it out, that we were able to respect our employees and be fiscally prudent at the same time,” said Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic.


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