Board Declares May 7-11 as Week to Celebrate Teachers

LOS ANGELES (May 1, 2018) -- Honoring the role of classroom educators as mentors, role models and drivers of high academic achievement, the Board of Education voted unanimously today to declare May 7-11 as National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week.

Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson was joined by Board Vice President Nick Melvoin and Board Members Dr. George J. McKenna III and Kelly Gonez in sponsoring the resolution.

“Fifty years ago, a special educator stood with students to demand more, and he made a difference,” Board President Mónica García said. “In that spirit, we celebrate ‘Kids First’ educators for the student success that continues to stand with the children and families of Los Angeles.”

"Being a teacher was both the best and the hardest job I have ever had,” Melvoin said. “I am glad to recognize the miracles our teachers and substitute teachers are constantly achieving in our classrooms – not just this week, but every week."

“I am pleased to stand with and celebrate our teachers,” Dr. McKenna said. “I am also proud to be an educator, and the son of an educator, and to be part of a profession that is the heart and soul of our schools.”

“As a former teacher myself, I appreciate the tireless dedication and hard work that our teachers perform for our children every single day,” Schmerelson said. “I also want to thank the substitute teachers who step up for our students in times of need. We owe all teachers a debt of gratitude.”

“I hope everyone in L.A. Unified will join our celebration of teachers and substitute teachers,” said Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez. “These educators have the greatest impact on our students’ learning and social-emotional well-being. Our District proudly recognizes the work our teachers and substitute teachers do every day, within and beyond our schools.” 

“Every day, our teachers and substitute teachers give their all for our students,” Gonez said. “They are not just instructional leaders, but serve as role models and critical support systems. As a former teacher, I know how difficult the work can be, and I want to thank each of our teachers in L.A. Unified for their immense dedication and leadership.”

“It is critical that we always take a moment to recognize the hard work and achievements accomplished by our teachers and our substitute teachers,” Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic said. “As far as I am concerned, every week is Teacher Appreciation Week.”


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