Board Approves Improvements to Elementary School Safety Access

LOS ANGELES (April 10, 2018) - Affirming its commitment to student safety, the Board of Education voted unanimously today to study access control at L.A. Unified elementary schools and to implement upgrades to reduce the risk of unauthorized entries.

The resolution, “Protecting Our Students and School Sites,” was co-sponsored by Board Members Dr. Richard Vladovic and Dr. Ref Rodriguez. It calls for an assessment of all elementary school sites and a review of best practices for securing entrances and exits. Under the plan, bond revenue will be allocated to pay for improvements, such as security cameras, buzzer entries and the construction of secure entrances.

The new resolution dovetails with one approved last month, “Safeguarding Our Schools:

Demanding Common Sense Gun Laws and Best Practices to Protect our Students and Staff,” which was sponsored by Board Vice President Nick Melvoin. It calls for the creation of a task force that will add the elementary school site assessments to its list of responsibilities.

“I appreciate the collaborative effort of this Board to urgently and thoughtfully review our security best practices,” Melvoin said. “And I am glad to include the specific review of elementary school entrance security into the work of the recently created ‘Safe Schools’ task force.”

“Student safety should always be at the forefront of all of our educational efforts,” Dr. Vladovic said. “Students deserve safe learning spaces where they can thrive. Securing our schools’ entrances is one way we can provide a level of protection for our students.” 

“For years, every time I visited a school and noticed security problems at the entrance, I immediately directed my staff to work with facilities to secure that entrance,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “School safety is a top priority for me, our local districts and L.A. Unified, which is why we need to act together to invest time and resources into safeguarding our students. Today, I am glad to see the Board taking action to make Los Angeles schools safer places for children to learn and grow.”


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