LA Unified Concert to Benefit Arts Education

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 6, 2018) - On April 12, 2018, the Los Angeles Unified School District will host a
Benefit Concert at The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Downtown Los Angeles. The
Benefit Concert, presented in association with The Music Center, will feature A-List Performers who
are committed to giving back to the next generation of artists.
LA Unified student artists from selected schools will perform alongside celebrity guests. In addition, notable L.A. Unified alumni will join the festivities as hosts to advocate for arts education. The full roster of performers
and hosts for the Benefit Concert will be announced when tickets go on sale in mid-February. Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant, artistic and creative centers in the world. L.A. Unified’s
Arts Education Branch (AEB) is committed to ensure that every school in the district provides arts
classes, arts instruction, and arts experiences for every student in the district.
"The L.A. Unified Arts Education Branch is seeking to utilize all of the arts ecosystem through its
far-reaching programming,” said Senior Executive Director of the Arts, Rory Pullens. “We are
looking to raise awareness of the importance of arts education for students, how the arts provide
them with the necessary skills for successful futures. This Benefit Concert will celebrate the
value of the arts and the huge positive impact it has on students and our economy.”
Through the Concert, the AEB will raise additional funding to expand its arts efforts and forge closer
partnerships with companies and individuals committed to the arts, arts education, and future
generations of artists.
The AEB is committed to preparing its students for the 21st Century. From the career pathway workshops with the entertainment studios who are a part of its Creative Industry Coalition, to the
student Film Festivals held at the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences annually, to the
Creativity Summit designed to ignite creative civic action through the arts, to its Emmy award
nominated Spotlight Arts show on KLCS-TV, to the army of arts partners in its vibrant Art Cultural
Network, to creative Arts Integration and STEAM professional developments, the AEB provides arts
exposure to 100 percent of its students.
The AEB is proud to be presenting the Benefit Concert at The Music Center given the arts organization’s pioneering role in arts education and leadership in expanding and diversifying its arts programming. “We have a longstanding relationship serving and supporting L.A. Unified, so hosting this concert in a Music Center venue is natural extension of that support,” said Rachel Moore, president and CEO, The Music Center.
L.A. Unified students and alumni are routinely chosen to perform in local, national, and
international venues. Alumni include Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy-award winners, but more
importantly, contributing artists to the cultural landscape that makes a difference in the world.
The Benefit Concert evening at The Music Center will add to that legacy.
Monica Carazo, 213-241-6766 #17/18-125
Dr. Steven McCarthy, Director, Arts Education Branch, or (213) 241- 8222
Edna Sims, ESP Public Relations, or (310) 770-8117

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