L.A. Unified Statement on Senate Bill 54

L.A. Unified today applauded Gov. Jerry Brown for signing Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act.

“L.A. Unified will continue its work to provide our students with a safe and supportive environment, where they can learn, achieve and pursue their dreams,” said Superintendent Michelle King.

“The spirit of Lady Liberty shines on – from California to the rest of our nation,” said School Board President Mónica García. “America has thrived because of contributors from here and across the world. This action today makes clear that, in California, peaceful and productive individuals will continue to be welcomed and embraced.”

“I stand with Gov. Brown in this action to protect Californians from the fear and uncertainty pervading our communities under the Trump administration,” said Board Vice President Nick Melvoin. “California, as the first-ever ‘sanctuary state,’ will not stand for hard-working families to be pushed into the shadows under the federal anti-immigration agenda.”

"We applaud the governor for declaring California a safe place to live for everyone within its borders,” said School Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III. “The District continues to maintain all of our schools as a safe place for every child and family we serve." 

“With the recent passage of Senate Bill 54, signed today by Gov. Jerry Brown, and our resolution in May that established L.A. Unified schools as ‘safe zones,’ we are making it very clear to our families, the people of California, and our current administration that fear stops at our door,” said School Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez.

"We embrace this action today and remain committed to keeping our students and school communities safe," said School Board Member Scott Schmerelson. 

“I’m proud that California’s leaders have taken this strong step to protect our families,” said School Board Member Kelly Gonez. “From our School Board to the governor, we are committed to keeping the door to opportunity open for all, regardless of immigration status. By designating California as a sanctuary state, we are keeping that promise. This legislation will reassure our families that, even amid the uncertainty and fear nationally, Californians stand with them.”

"As educators and caretakers of the children of Los Angeles, it is imperative that we provide – as much as possible – a safe and distraction-free environment for our kids to attend school, free of the concerns of being taken away,” said School Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic. “It is simply not responsible to create an environment that would create a major deterrent for our families from sending their kids to school." 


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