Helping employees stretch their incomes over summer

Sept. 12, 2017

(This resolution appears in its original form. If amended by board action, please see the final version here.) 

Ms. García, Dr. Vladovic – Support for AB 621: The Classified Employee Summer Bridge Fund
(Res-014-17/18) (Waiver of Board Rule 72)

Whereas, The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) aims to support those persons who are dedicated in their service to public education and help us get to 100% graduation;

Whereas, Classified school employees comprise an integral part of the education community and
perform vital duties in promoting the welfare and safety of the District’s students, faculty, and staff;

Whereas, The median annual income for California’s nearly 300,000 classified school employees is
only $20,700, and one-quarter of California’s classified school employees live in housing that is rent
burdened, overcrowded, or both;

Whereas, Many classified school employees go unpaid during the summer months and struggle
to provide for their families and all other workers who are employed on a periodic or seasonal basis
qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, only school employees do not and;

Whereas, LAUSD aims to systemically identify strategies with local and State partners that interrupt
poverty in our communities;
AB 621 (Bocanegra), the Classified Employee Summer Bridge Fund, establishes a contribution account by the state  and the employee to address this inequality and to bridge the financial burden classified employees face each summer;

Whereas, AB 621 (Bocanegra), creates a partially self-funded account that allows classified employees to contribute a small portion of their paychecks that will be matched by the state
Whereas, AB 621 (Bocanegra), Summer Bridge Fund is voluntary and would allow participants to cash in their banked hours during periods of school recess and establishes a cost-effective solution that allows
classified workers to support their families; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District hereby
recognizes and appreciates the contributions and dedicated service of classified professionals to
quality education in the State of California and in the District; and, be it finally
Resolved, That the Board hereby supports the passage and adoption of Assembly Bill 621 the Classified Employee Summer Bridge Fund, and urges the California State Legislature and the
Governor to make this bill become law.