L.A. Unified joins celebration of America's Safe School Week

Sept. 12

(This resolution appears in its original form. If amended by board action, please see the final version here.) 

Mr. Schmerelson, Dr. McKenna- Recognizing America’s Safe Schools Week (Res-006-17/18)
(Noticed August 22, 2017)

Whereas, Schools make substantial contributions to the future of America and to the
development of our nation’s young people as knowledgeable, responsible, and productive
Whereas, Excellence in education is dependent on safe, secure, and peaceful school settings;
Whereas, The safety and well-being of many students, teachers, and school staff are
unnecessarily jeopardized by crime and violence; such as substance abuse, gangs, bullying,
vandalism, and absenteeism in our schools;
Whereas, It is the responsibility of all citizens to enhance the learning experiences of young
people by helping to ensure fair and effective discipline, promote good citizenship, and generally
make school safe and secure;
Whereas, All leaders, especially those in education, law enforcement, government and business
should eagerly collaborate with each other and the National School Safety Center, a partnership
of Pepperdine University, the U.S Department of Justice, and the U.S Department of Education,
to focus public attention on school safety and identify, develop, and promote innovative answers
to these critical issues;
Whereas, Numerous schools and school districts throughout the country, along with national
programs, are among those innovative answers; and
Whereas, The observance of America’s Safe Schools Week will promote efforts to provide all
our nation’s schools with positive and safe learning climates; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District hereby
recognizes the week of October 18 through 24, 2017, as America’s Safe Schools Week; and, be
it finally

Resolved, That the Superintendent is authorized and directed to work with all schools of the Los
Angeles Unified School District to recognize and celebrate America’s Safe Schools Week.