Board honors school leaders with National Principals Awareness Month resolution

Sept. 12

(This resolution appears in its original form. If amended by board action, please see the final version here.) 

Mr. Schmerelson, Dr. McKenna, Dr. Vladovic - Recognizing National Principals’ Awareness
Month (Res-005-17/18) (Noticed August 22, 2017)

Whereas, Principals play an essential role in serving as the instructional leader, chief fiscal
officer, and the chief administrator of a school, and are responsible for the direction of the
instructional program, staff performance, and operation of the school plant and related facilities;
Whereas, Principals are expected to be educational visionaries, instructional leaders, assessment
specialists, disciplinarians, community builders, public relations experts, budget analysts, facility
managers, special programs administrators, and guardians of various legal, contractual, and
policy mandates and initiatives, as well as being entrusted with the education and development
of our children;
Whereas, The District currently employs 830 school principals; and these principals have
succeeded in maintaining high curriculum standards, setting performance goals and providing
high-quality learning opportunities for students and staff at our 1,074 schools; and
Whereas, U.S Congress declared the month of October 2016 as National Principals Month in
coordination with the efforts of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the
American Federation of School Administrators, and the National Association of Secondary
School Principals; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That in honor of the service and contributions of all elementary, middle, and high
school principals, and to recognize the importance of their school leadership and to celebrate
school leader accomplishments, the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District
hereby proclaims the month of October 2017, as National Principals Awareness Month.