9/22/17 - ES: New Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report Activates in MiSiS - Entry Window is 10/19 to 11/9

New Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report in MiSiS
The new Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report will be activated in MiSiS for all schools this 2017-2018 school year. The first grade entry window is October 19, 2017-November 9, 2017. At that time teachers will officially utilize the new progress report in MiSiS for reporting marks. 

The implementation of the new Elementary California Content Standards Progress Report represents a major change in our progress reporting for students, thus additional learning for teachers, parents, and administrators is necessary to support them in managing this transition. The Division of Instruction has created three online, e-learning modules that may be completed in MyPLN as a group or independently. Schools are advised to complete all three modules prior to October 15, 2017. At this time there is are certification of completion guidelines in the memorandum MEM-6015.4 School-site Professional Development Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays for Elementary Schools 

The educational series in MyPLN for teachers is three modules of content that may be adapted for compacting or extended for additional learning based on school need. Each module is designed to be 45 minutes, but each one may be completed more rapidly or extended depending on the needs of your faculty. Please see the trailer to the module here: http://tinyurl.com/ProgressReportPDTrailer

1) History and Purpose 
2) Standards-based Marking Practices, and 
3) MiSiS Screens and Job Aids.

The modules have available for viewing using your Single Sign On (SSO) in MyPLN since January 17, 2017, course name: Unfolding the New Elementary Progress Report  

MiSiS resources and job aids for the online progress report card can be found at http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/6215

For samples and general resources related to the progress report, please visit this webpage: http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11770

Why a new progress report card in MiSiS? 
Since the state adoption of the Common Core State Standards, now known as California content standards, a new progress report has been needed. There are also new Science and English Language Development (ELD) standards. The new progress report addresses these new learning expectations.

How was the new progress report card developed? 
The new progress report was developed over a six year period by a dynamic collective of stakeholders including teachers, parents, administrators, and community members.
  • The language and learning expectations in the new elementary progress report card reflect the new California Content Standards, ELD standards, Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Skills, and the Characteristics and Behaviors of a College-Prepared and Career-Ready Learner.
  • Elementary progress report cards from different districts throughout the U.S. were studied to develop a well- balanced progress report card.
  • Various departments and labor groups representing teachers and administrators collaborated in the development of the revision of the elementary progress report. Additionally, national education experts provided positive input and feedback in the process.
For additional information, comments, or questions please contact Katie McGrath at (213) 241-5333 or Katie.McGrath@lausd.net