Board of Education Approves $7.5 Billion Budget for 2017-18

LOS ANGELES (June 20, 2017) - The Board of Education voted today to approve a $7.5 billion operating budget for 2017-18, a plan that funds the expansion of early childhood education and magnet programs, and retains other valuable resources to support student success.

Along with the budget, the board approved the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), which detailed how targeted state revenue will be spent to increase opportunities and resources for local-income students, English-learners and foster youth. These high-needs students comprise 84 percent of the District’s enrollment.

“This budget expands our investments in student achievement and reinforces our commitment to prepare all of our graduates for success,” said Superintendent Michelle King. “We will be starting students on the path to learning at an earlier age and adding to the portfolio of programs that allows us to personalize the educational experience for our kids.

“At the same time, we will continue to work strategically to maximize our limited sources so that we can minimize the impact on our school and classrooms and ensure that all students fulfill their potential,” Dr. King said.

Adoption of the budget and LCAP is the culmination of months of public meetings to discuss the District’s instructional priorities and investments. As a result, L.A. Unified will continue its commitment to the arts, restorative justice programs and academic supports designed to support the superintendent’s goal of 100 percent graduation.

“I am standing with the superintendent and this budget in a very difficult and uncertain time in Los Angeles and the nation,” Board President Steve Zimmer said. “This is a responsible and balanced approach that honors the dreams of children and supports our school communities as we march as a community toward 100 percent graduation. 

“In order to ensure L.A. Unified has a balanced budget, we all must be prepared to make tough decisions,” said Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez. “We must continue to listen to our schools and communities and align our resources and investments to the priorities of this District. I firmly believe this District’s budget and LCAP must reflect what our schools need.” 

Said Board Member Mónica García, “The challenge for L.A. Unified going forward is to invest in the strategies that accelerate achievement, increase support for our students, and repurpose resources in a way that increases impact and opportunity to achieve our goals.”

She added, “I expect Superintendent King’s Student Need Index 2.0 will achieve greater equity and excellence in the district; however, the Title 1 strategy negatively affected our highest-need schools disproportionately.”

Another board member said the District would need to remain vigilant on budget matters.  

“I appreciate that Superintendent King has submitted another balanced budget for the upcoming year,” said Board Member Mónica Ratliff. “Dr. King and her team are tackling the financial health of the District – a difficult task that will require continued Board support. I thank her for commitment to our children, our families and our District.”           


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