Statement from Los Angeles School Board President Steve Zimmer and Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III on Dr. Judy Ivie Burton

Date: May 26, 2017

As colleagues and admirers of Dr. Judy Ivie Burton for many years, we are deeply saddened by her passing. 

She was a consummate professional, demonstrating exceptional intellectual, organizing, problem-solving and implementation skills throughout her celebrated career. Dr. Burton was sincerely devoted to improving educational opportunities, and outcomes for the neediest students, particularly those in underserved communities. 

She motivated many of us with her vast knowledge and experience in so many areas, and looked to her as a role model for her commitment and work ethic. Widely respected by educators nationwide, her legacy as an innovator and crusader for equity is forever embedded in our culture and history.

Dr. Burton was extraordinary and will be missed by so many. We honor her today and always.


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