Statement by School Board President Steve Zimmer On Today’s House Vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

May 4, 2017

Today’s vote, largely along Republican party lines, is yet another ill-informed and heartless act by the current administration to dismantle the historical lifeline put in place by the Obama administration to cover healthcare for most Americans. Today, an estimated 24 million children and families who depend on countless services of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including 40.2 percent of California residents living in Los Angeles County covered by Medi-Cal, are one step closer to losing a right that should be afforded to all of us – affordable healthcare coverage.

Although we know the ACA had limitations, today’s vote will take our country backward by stripping the Act – not just in name, but of important provisions which seek to ensure individuals with pre-existing conditions have guaranteed access to care. Likewise, many of the provisions of the replacement bill penalize women in ways that should outrage each of us who love our mothers, sisters and daughters.

I will continue to raise my voice to ensure that L.A. Unified continues prioritizing the health and welfare of our students through partnerships with our healthcare partners; expanding our school-based health center programs; and working together with our federal elected leaders to ensure that the health of our students and families remains their top priority.

We know, understand, and believe that student achievement is directly linked to family and community health. We will not let our students and their families be the victims of an administration that does not care about their future.


 Contact: Claudia Vizcarra, 213-241-6387

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