Celebrating National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week May 7–13

LOS ANGELES (April 18, 2017) - The Board of Education unanimously voted Tuesday for an annual resolution honoring school teachers during National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week from May 7 – 13 and National Teacher Day on May 9. 

The board recognizes the essential contributions of teachers in providing quality education programs across L.A. Unified to students, and extends its highest appreciation for these year-round efforts.

Board Member Ratliff is honored to once again sponsor this resolution encouraging this celebration of teachers and substitute teachers throughout L.A. Unified during the month of May for all that our teachers do every day for the benefit of all students. Board Member Ratliff said, “As a teacher, I know that teaching is a very rewarding but extremely difficult job. Having been an attorney and having been a teacher, I can definitely say teaching is harder. Teachers and substitutes are charged with helping 20-plus, 30-plus, 120-plus students learn and achieve. Teachers and substitutes across L.A. Unified devote their professional lives to helping students achieve and break free from poverty. You deserve our gratitude as a District, and as a community. Thank you for all that you do."

Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson is a proud co-sponsor of Board Member Ratliff’s resolution celebrating National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week. When asked about the importance of substitute teachers he said, “As a principal, I relied on well-trained substitute teachers to replace highly-skilled permanent teachers while they were participating in professional development. Dedicated substitute teachers keep instruction going, are well-trained and serve as role models for our students.”

Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez, a fellow co-sponsor said, “I hope that everyone in this district will join us in celebrating our teachers who we know have the greatest impact on our students’ academic learning and social-emotional well-being. As a district, we are proud to recognize the work that our teachers do everyday within and beyond our school walls.” 

Dr. Frances Gipson, chief academic officer said, “I recall the exact moment I shared that I wanted to be a teacher, it was responded with "being a teacher is the most beautiful thing you can do with your life!" With a smile she affirmed, "Teaching is in fact the 'beauty' of engaging both the mind and heart of learners--something L.A. Unified teachers epitomize."

The board encourages all school communities to show their appreciation and respect to the many wonderful teachers in our District during National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week this year on May 7 – 13, and National Teacher Day on May 9.                                          


Contact: Shannon Haber (213) 241-6766