School Board Recognizes Be Kind to Animals Week

LOS ANGELES (April 18, 2017) - The Board of Education today recognized May 7-13 as “Be Kind to Animals Week,” encouraging students, families and employees to show compassion for animals and celebrating the roles that animal companions play in our lives.

Board Member Mónica Ratliff, the sponsor of the resolution said, “It is my pleasure to once again sponsor this resolution recognizing ‘Be Kind to Animals Week.’ Many children and youth have a natural affection for/and interest in animals, but do not always know how to properly care for and respect animals. I greatly appreciate that the American Humane Association developed Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915, and has a curriculum that teachers can share with their students. I hope teachers, staff, and students across L.A. Unified take some time during ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’ to celebrate our animal friends.”

The resolution reaffirms the board’s commitment “to promoting attitudes of kindness, consideration and respect for all living things.” It also encourages the humane treatment of animals not only during the special week but throughout the year.

Board President Steve Zimmer, a co-sponsor said, "Kindness to animals is a major component of social emotional learning, and has an important place in public education. In my own life, animals have provided friendship in times of need, and calmness in times of trouble. I know that we, as a District, are with this celebration in every way."

The board resolution cites animal abuse as a predictor of domestic violence and at-risk behavior, and an indicator of distress in the home.

Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic, also a co-sponsor said, "As a pet owner and as an educator, I feel it is crucial that we set a good example to our kids on how to treat animals. Kindness to animals can be an extension of how we treat one another, therefore it is important to set a good standard early and as often as we can."


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