School Board Recognizes National Library Week

LOS ANGELES (April 18, 2017) - The Board of Education today paid tribute to school, public and academic librarians for making a difference in the lives of millions of children and adults.

With a unanimous vote, the board supported a resolution by Board Member Mónica García declaring April 9-15 as “LAUSD Library Week,” an observance that coincides with National Library Week.

“LAUSD celebrates the power to read, write, think, and achieve!” Board Member García said. “We encourage learners of every age to visit their local library, to thank all library affiliated personnel and to share the love of reading with others.”

Boston claims the first free public library in this country, but so does the town of Peterborough, N.H. Today, there are close to119,500 public libraries of all types in the United States, according to the American Library Association.

In California, more than 21 million people use public libraries each year, according to the board resolution.

Board Member Mónica Ratliff, a co-sponsor said, “National Library Week draws attention to the importance of libraries in our schools. As a teacher, I clearly saw their importance to my students. It was a place where they had the opportunity to learn and dream. I recently reaffirmed my commitment to school libraries by setting aside discretionary funding so schools in my Board District had the opportunity to purchase books for their libraries. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to co-sponsor this resolution by Board Member Mónica Garcia.”


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