Board Observes May as Better Hearing and Speech Month

LOS ANGELES (April 18, 2017) - Recognizing the work of audiologists and speech pathologists in supporting L.A. Unified students, the Board of Education today approved a resolution declaring May as Better Hearing and Speech Month.

The observance notes the contribution by the District’s 17 audiologists and 505 speech-language pathologists who work with speech- and hearing-impaired students.

“This resolution encourages the support and recognition of the dedicated audiologists and speech-language pathologists who improve the quality of life for adults and children everywhere,” said Board Member Scott Schmerelson, who sponsored the measure. “We are particularly proud of the hard-working professionals who provide services to over 30,000 L.A. Unified students, with communication disorders, every year.

Co-sponsored by Board President Steve Zimmer and Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III, the resolution notes that communication disorders cost the U.S. billions of dollars annually in special education services, medical treatment and lost work productivity.

“I am proud of the professionals who support the needs of our students with hearing and speech impairments,” Dr. McKenna said. “These critical services enhance the value of the education our students receive.”

Better Hearing and Speech Month is observed by school districts across the state and the nation in cooperation with the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


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