Spreading the Truth about Multiple Sclerosis

LOS ANGELES (March 14, 2017) – Incurable and unpredictable, multiple sclerosis (MS) can wreak havoc on daily life — or not. This disease can be disabling or symptom free.

To spread more accurate information, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution today recognizing March as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month.

“MS took my grandfather before his 43rd birthday,” said Board President Steve Zimmer. “Today's resolution gives hope that there can be a cure in our lifetime. This disease affects thousands of families. Let us commit today to support the resources and commitment needed to make sure MS does not affect another generation.”

Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez sponsored the resolution regarding this disease of the central nervous system. “The L.A. Unified Board of Education proudly recognizes March as MS Awareness month,” he said. “I encourage everyone to learn more about multiple sclerosis during the month of March, and to help raise much-needed awareness and support for everyone affected by this disease.”

Specifically, the resolution recognizes “all of those who live with MS and the challenges they face participating in our community.”

“Multiple Sclerosis impacts many among us, and we stand by those affected and continue the call for a cure,” said Board Member Mónica García.

Additionally, the resolution directs Superintendent Michelle King, “educators, administrators and all members of our community unite to raise awareness and spread information about MS.”

“I stand united with all L.A. Unified stakeholders in recognizing the challenges of children, youth, and adults who live with MS,” said Board Member Mónica Ratliff. “I appreciate Dr. Rodriguez's resolution, and the board's unanimous support raising community awareness and recognizing March as Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month.”


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