L.A. Unified Board President Steve Zimmer’s Statement on the District's Budget

March 14, 2017


The 2nd Interim Budget, and the accompanying fiscal stabilization plan, is an important moment for both efforts to achieve long-term financial stability, and for the superintendent's efforts to move both resources and decisions closer to the classroom and the school site.

It is always painful to issue notices of potential changes in positions to our L.A. Unified family. Our hope is that this student achievement centered approach will better align support closer to the classroom — both accelerating academic outcomes and minimizing ultimate job loss.

Everyday, the Los Angeles Unified District is committed to assuring that American Dreams for all families can come true through public education. As long as California ranks 43rd in the nation in per pupil spending, there will be difficult moments every March 15th.

We must all have the courage to prioritize the hopes and dreams of children as we move forward together toward equity in public education outcomes. I look forward to seeing more of this courage in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C.

When that courage and commitment becomes the new normal in our nation and in our state, we will be able to look forward to a future March when we can discuss strategies for investments in children rather than strategies for mitigating cuts.


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