L.A. Unified Board President Steve Zimmer’s Statement on the District's Poultry Contract

March 14, 2017

Today, is an important moment in the history of public sector procurement in relation to the poultry industry. By approving L.A. Unified’s first ever anti-biotic and hormone free chicken contract, the Los Angeles Board of Education has permanently changed the game for the nutritional content of school lunches for the children Los Angeles and beyond.

Today's amendment also highlights the Board of Education's commitment to implementing the Good Food Purchasing policy with fidelity. By re-bidding two of the chicken menu items, requiring yearly report backs for all awardees, and urging California-based sourcing for all chicken contracts, the board has ensured that today's contract will honor both the word and spirit of our policy.

The poultry industry in the U.S. must change. The moral imperative to improve the nutritional content of chicken products, as well as labor standards, environmental standards and animal welfare standards is stronger than ever.

The possibility of decreased regulation at the national level punctuates the need for L.A. Unified, as one of the largest public sector chicken procurers in the nation, to set the standard that matches the hopes and dreams of our children.


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