Statement from L.A. Unified Board President Steve Zimmer on President Trump rescinding protections for transgender students

Feb. 23, 2017

President Trump has issued another policy that strikes at the heart of our values and troubles our conscience.

The reversal of an Obama administration order allowing transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their identity is a vile regression of our nation’s irreversible pathway toward loving, embracing and respecting every student’s dignity.

The Los Angeles Board of Education has resisted the Trump administration in recent months on its federal immigration policy. Every L.A. Unified school is a safe zone where students and families can feel secure. We will continue to collaborate with our community partners to make sure that every school remains a beacon of hope.

As for the latest federal policy, let me be clear: The Los Angeles Board of Education refuses to withdraw our commitment to the safety and dignity of our transgender students. For that reason, every student in this nation’s second-largest school district will continue to use the facilities that match their identity. This practice, in effect for a decade, will not change.

I want our students and families to know that the board, and every school across this District, stands with you in support of transgender civil rights.

Together, we will make certain that every person who walks through L.A. Unified’s schoolhouse door is welcomed, valued and loved.


 Contact: Claudia Vizcarra (213) 241-6387