LAUSD Students Train To Become Energy Auditors

LOS ANGELES - The Facilities Services Division’s Sustainability Initiatives Unit of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is proud to announce a new and innovative program, which prepares students for jobs in the energy management field. Fifteen students from throughout LAUSD are participating in this first cohort of the program.

Called the Student Energy Auditor Training (SEAT) program, the concept was developed to train students to become energy auditors, provide them with work experience and create a pathway to earn a livable wage after high school. `

The SEAT Program is one of the Facilities Services Division’s many initiatives developed and implemented as a result of the passage of the California Clean energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39).

“This program is another example of our mission to ensure that all youth achieve and are college and career ready,” said Steve Zimmer, President, Board of Education. “We are proud of our ability to continually develop programs that meet the educational needs of our communities, while providing opportunities for students to have gainful employment learn needed job skills and in some cases provide financial assistance to their families.”

The SEAT program was developed in partnership with the California Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps; LAUSD’s Work Experience Education Office provides oversight for the program.

The students, 11 seniors and four juniors, participate in 18 weeks of training; half in the classroom, with an LAUSD teacher, and half in the field, under the direction of the CCC or LA Corps and a SEAT program associate. While in the field, students gain hands-on experience, auditing pre-selected schools. During the classroom training, the student trainees learn about energy and its usage; conservation measures; equipment safety; hand tool training; life skills; and physical fitness. Additionally, the students learn job skills, resume and cover letter writing, and goal-setting, while developing enhanced critical thinking skills. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate from the California Conservation Corps, which is widely recognized by employers across the State and certifications from nationally recognized energy-related associations.

“We know the students will benefit from this program”, said Mark Hovatter, Chief Facilities Executive. “These skills will be valuable to them, not only in school, but in life; enabling them to increase their earning potential, improve their quality life and make valuable contributions to their communities.”

Under Proposition 39, funds from corporate income taxes are allocated to California’s General Fund, which in turn makes annual allocations to California schools for entry-level employment training, creating career pathways for youth and veterans via improved qualifications for energy-related occupations, state-certified apprenticeship programs, community college career programs, and direct job placement.

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