L.A. Unified seeks to better coordinate grant opportunities for schools

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 14, 2017) - Today, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education called on Superintendent Michelle King to take the appropriate measures to better coordinate grant opportunities for schools. Board Member Mónica Ratliff presented a resolution in an attempt to ensure fairness and equity for schools to apply for grants.

“Currently, only certain schools take advantage of grant opportunities to fund special programs,” said Board Member Ratliff. “I hope that the Superintendent’s efforts will result in greater equity so that all schools have an equal opportunity to access funds that advance learning inside and outside the classroom.”

Previously, the Grants Assistance Unit had responsibility for selected grant coordination duties in L.A. Unified. Those duties, however, have not been reassigned since the unit was disbanded during the recession. The goal now is to encourage some distribution of grant coordination among existing staff to increase equitable grant access districtwide. The Board expects to receive a report on this matter within 30 days.


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