L.A. Unified Arts Education Branch Creates Partnerships for Professional Development Workshops

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 10, 2017) –— Recently, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Arts Education Branch (AEB) hosted an Arts Community Network (ACN) Launch event at the 24th Street Theatre. After a morning session with arts organizations who will partner with L.A. Unified’s most underserved schools on the arts equity index to provide programs, the AEB staff met with six organizations that will be providing free Professional Development workshops to L.A. Unified teachers. The organizations present included the Armory Center for the Arts, CalArts, MOCA, Music Center, Urban Arts Partnership and the Skirball Cultural Center.

“The Music Center is honored to partner with L.A. Unified to provide professional development in arts integration for its K-12 educators," said Michael Solomon, vice president of presentations and education for The Music Center.  "When teachers integrate the arts into their subject areas, they breathe new life into their curriculum, strengthen student engagement and develop their students’ workforce and life skills. We are very excited to begin this project and to work with L.A. Unified educators at The Music Center," he added.

The Professional Development Workshops are a collaborative effort between the AEB and arts organizations to bring arts education into the classroom - not just through its arts classes, but through all teachers who are interested in integrating arts education tools. “The Arts Education Branch has a solid database of teachers interested in Professional Development growth. We will use a myriad of channels to make these opportunities known to LA Unified Teachers,” said AEB Executive Director Rory Pullens.

It is through such collaborations that the L.A. Unified Arts Education Branch and its ACN community partners are working together to be more effective in bringing arts into LAUSD classrooms. A full description and schedule of Professional Development Opportunities can be viewed at http://bit.ly/artsintegration2017.


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