L.A. Unified Arts Education Branch Produces Encyclopedic Alumni History and Hall of Fame Book

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 2, 2017) — In efforts to preserve and share its rich history and legacy as one of the premiere school districts in the country, L.A. Unified has produced an Alumni History and Hall of Fame book that identifies and recognizes those students who have distinguished themselves - among millions of others - through their achievements in a chosen career field and the significant impacts they have had on a local, state or national level. 

The encyclopedic, 400-page Alumni History and Hall of Fame book is divided into themes such as “Scientists and the Nobel Prize”, “Hollywood Industry Film”, “Doctors and Researchers”, “The Artists,” and more. It includes Nobel Laureates, Olympic athletes, Academy and Grammy Award winners, Congressional Medal of Honor winners, and a host of other iconic high achievers – all whom are alumni of L.A. Unified schools.

Bob and Sandy Collins, who wrote and edited the Alumni History and Hall of Fame, summarize the overriding theme of the book by underlining the unique, individual pathways that each student had to take in order to achieve the highest levels of his or her profession. They explain, “The project  demonstrated  that  each  student  is  an  individual  with  strengths  and  weaknesses  and  that  no  single curriculum, set of standards, nor single path is going to be able to address each student’s unique needs.”

The Arts Education Branch is highlighting profiles of individuals from the Alumni History and Hall of Fame book through weekly social media posts. Recent posts include Conductor and Composer JOHN WILLIAMS, North Hollywood High School alumnus; Singer and Activist ODETTA HOLMES, Belmont High School Alumna; Painter JACKSON POLLOCK, Manual Arts High School alumnus; NFL player and Super Bowl champion, J.R. REDMOND, Carson High School alumnus; Black Eyed Peas member and musician will.i.am aka WILLIAM JAMES ADAMS JR., Palisades Charter High School alumnus; among others.

The Alumni History and Hall of Fame book is a valuable resource for students and teachers alike to be inspired by L.A. Unified alumni stories and achievements. As Superintendent Michelle King states in the Introduction, “These biographies are designed to be educational tools.  They can allow students to delve deeper into the history of  their  city,  and  to  study  the  contributions,  and  shortcomings,  of  prominent  alumni  who  grew  up  in  their neighborhoods.  The public can also access these histories through a virtual museum.  We hope these stories will inspire people in this community to continue the great legacy paved before them.”




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