L.A. Unified Board President Steve Zimmer’s Statement Resists President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Jan 25, 2017

President Trump’s executive order on immigration is the single most significant act of mean spiritedness by a president in my lifetime. Beyond the hostile aggression against families and communities, this executive action counters the core values of our nation and the vision of our founders. This is also an action that could be aimed directly at our school district. We understand that significant federal dollars could be at risk because of our support for every student and every family, and our policies to not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement actions.

The mission of L.A. Unified is to serve every child that comes to our schoolhouse door. Our job is to provide to all children and families a high-quality public education, and all the necessary services needed to support student learning. Our goal remains that 100 percent of the District’s students will graduate college- and career-ready. Today, we are more committed to that goal and our mission than ever before.

So, I pledge to families today what we have pledged every day since the election: Our schools are safe zones for every child and every family member. Our board actions to codify this are aligned with the U.S. Constitution and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Plyler vs. Doe ruling (1982). L.A. Unified does not intend to cooperate with any effort to enforce today’s executive action, or with any other immigration enforcement activity based on the February 2016 board action.

Our schools are safe today, they will be safe tomorrow and into the future.



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