District announces ‘Unity Day 2017’ on Jan. 20 offers inauguration day resources for students

Through the Division of District Operations, the Office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity has assembled a slate of lesson plans, activities and other exciting resources that will allow students to express themselves and exchange ideas in class and during non-instructional time.

Resources are geared toward high school students, but can be used by all grade levels as part of the civic-engagement process. These may include unity dances, poster sessions and restorative justice circles. Lessons may focus on environmental, social and humanitarian topics.

“We hope that students will take advantage of these lessons, discussions and other Unity Day activities that will allow them to participate in the civic-engagement process during the school day,” Superintendent Michelle King said. “We want students feel part of their school, their community and their country.”

L.A. Unified continues to provide students and families with an extended network of services – including emotional support, enrollment and attendance information, and health insurance and legal referrals – at the six Local District Offices. These sites, and a free resource hotline (866.742.2273), will be accessible beyond Inauguration Day, as needed.