School Board votes to increase support for school-based partnerships

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 13,2016) – The Los Angeles Board of Education voted unanimously today to establish a framework that promotes school partnerships with community-based organizations. The “Partners for Student Success” resolution was sponsored by Board President Steve Zimmer, Board Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III and Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez.

“This is an important concept for the district to support,” Zimmer said. “What this does is establish a clearer pathway for these high-quality organizations to continue working successfully within our district, while ensuring there are checks and balances and approval by this board at key points along the way.”

The resolution calls for the District to establish a framework for how the District and partners work together to provide services aligned to the priorities of the Local Control Accountability Plan and the District’s goal to achieve 100 percent graduation.

“We recognize and support the power of partnerships within L.A. Unified Schools,” Dr. McKenna said. “Community partnerships augment student learning and provide opportunities for experiences that extend well beyond the classroom.”

Dr. Rodriguez expanded on the value of partnerships, stating that they help ensure delivery of services and programs students need as identified by their schools.

“Partnerships are a two-way street,” he said. “We must show our community partners that we are grateful and committed to working with them in exchange for relevant services and quality programs. Part of the community school strategy means we are engaging community members and partners meaningfully because – as we know – it takes a village to educate our students.”

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