Statement from School Board President Steve Zimmer on governor’s appointment of Xavier Becerra as attorney general

Governor Brown’s appointment of Congressman Xavier Becerra as California’s next Attorney General is an excellent choice to succeed now United States Senator-Elect Kamala Harris. I have known Congressman Becerra for almost 25 years since the first time he visited my classroom when he was a first term Congressman and I was a first year ESL teacher. I will never forget the way he listened and assured my students at a similar time of risk for our immigrant families. Over the years, I have brought students and their families to Washington to visit with our Congressman and there is no better host for L.A. families in the “People’s House.” Congressman Becerra’s warmth and humanity has only been equaled by his skills as a fierce advocate and effective policy maker. He is among the most respected members of Congress and he has made a concrete difference for the students of the District. I cannot think of a better public servant, nor could I think of a better person to lead us in defending the progressive values of our California during this difficult time for our most vulnerable families.

Congressman Becerra’s years of experience and relationships in the State legislature, his leadership in Washington, D.C., and his experience as a state Deputy Attorney General will serve us well as he assumes this new position. I look forward to continuing to work with Congressman Becerra on education issues, immigrant rights issues, criminal justice reform and the myriad of issues that he has always championed on behalf of students and families in the Los Angeles Unified School District.



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