L.A. School Board Unanimously Approves Resolution Standing with Youth Expression and Affirming District Ideals

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 15, 2016) -- Today, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the resolution entitled In the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and
Happiness: Embracing Education as a Pillar to Democratic Progress Resolution, co-
sponsored by President Steve Zimmer and Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez, calling
for LAUSD to continue providing the necessary “outlets for expression, learning,
communication, and information” for members of the District family, including students,
staff, educators, and community partners.

“We stand with our youth and their quest for a high-quality education to reach their
potential,” said Board Member Mónica García, author of the resolution. “In Los Angeles,
students and families will continue to be welcomed regardless of citizenship, abilities, or
sexual orientation on their path to becoming proud college and career ready LAUSD graduates.”

School Board President Zimmer shared: “This is LA Unified, we will as part of our core
values, embrace and love, protect and serve, teach and elevate, every single child who
comes through the school house door. That will not change. It will just grow stronger.”

"As a public school district that serves almost 600,000 students, LAUSD is in a unique
position to convey the values that underlie American democracy, including integrity,
fairness, equal opportunity, and respect for others,” said Board Member Dr. Ref
Rodriguez. “As this resolution acknowledges, conveying these values involves more than
teachers lecturing or students reading about the values. It also involves day-to-day
practices within and outside of the classroom that help students learn to recognize and
exercise these values in everyday life."

Board Member Dr. George McKenna sharing his personal experience with segregation in
the South declared: “We will not surrender. Wherever we stand, we must stand

In addition to a request for additional outlets for expression, the resolution also calls for a
joint letter sharing the LAUSD ideals with the incoming administration along with the
opportunity for all in Los Angeles to join as co-signers. Furthermore, the Board of
Education has granted Superintendent Michelle King with the authority to protect student
data and identities, to the furthest extent of the law.

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