Superintendent King, Budget, Facilities and Audit Committee Members Announce New Water Conservation Effort

LOS ANGELES (Oct, 12, 2016) - Superintendent Michelle King and board members from the Budget, Facilities and Audit Committee are pleased to announce a new strategy to expand L.A. Unified’s water conservation efforts. Superintendent King has directed the Facilities Services Division and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to accelerate the process that certifies drinking fountains as safe on all District campuses.

Drinking fountains that do not meet the current stringent safety standards will no longer be “flushed” at the start of every school day. Instead, they will be taken out of service. This new policy will save staff time and, once fully implemented, reduce water usage by more than 2 million gallons each year. The Facilities Services Division also will work with individual schools,   ensuring  they have enough drinking fountains to  serve  students and staff.

“I appreciate  the robust discussion our board members and staff had around this extremely important topic and their willingness to collaborate on a solution,” King said. “This new policy will allow our District to do its share in conserving water, while relieving the staff – at our more than 900 schools – of the daily duty of flushing the fountains. This is a win-win for everyone.”

"I am grateful that Superintendent King has taken immediate action to address this issue on our school campuses," Board Member Mónica Ratliff, chair of the Budget, Facilities and Audit Committee said. "It is unacceptable to waste so much water without reason." 

“As a former principal, I am so happy to know that flushing will no longer be required at our schools, allowing us to conserve thousands of gallons of water on a daily basis,” Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said.

“The elimination of this practice will ensure that more time is being spent on instruction, preparation, and the daily operations of a school,” Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez said. “I am especially supportive of this conservation effort because of the impact it will have on our teachers, school staff, and students.”


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