Board Endorses Two Measures on Nov. 8 Ballot

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 20, 2016) - Two measures appearing on the Nov. 8 ballot won unanimous endorsement today from the Board of Education.

If approved by voters statewide, the Kindergarten through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act would allow the state to issue $9 billion in general obligation bonds to finance the construction and modernization of K-12 public schools and California Community College facilities. Also known as Proposition 51, it would include $6 million for K-12 schools; $1 billion for vocational education facilities and charter schools; and $2 billion for community colleges.

Measure JJJ, also known as the Build Better L.A. Initiative, would set new affordable housing and labor requirements on residential projects in Los Angeles that seek zone changes.

Separate resolutions supporting the ballot measures were co-sponsored by School Board President Steve Zimmer and Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III.

“Both of these ballot measures have our full endorsement because of the long-term impact they will have on our schools, our employees, our students and our families,” Mr. Zimmer said.

“The revenue provided by Proposition 51 will ensure that all students learn in a healthy and environmentally safe classroom,” Dr. McKenna said.

“One of the largest challenges we face in this city is affordable housing, and the statistics on homeless youth in the District is heartbreaking,” he added. “There is hope that support of Better Build L.A. will reach its potential in providing the necessary housing accommodations that are so desperately needed for local employees, students, and low-income families.”


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