Statement from L.A. School Board President Steve Zimmer on Student Test Scores Rising at L.A. Unified

Yesterday’s release of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium data showed clear and positive progress for almost all L.A. Unified students under the state’s new testing system. I am proud of our students. I am also proud of their teachers and all our staff who helped students adjust to the new testing platform. This consistent progress combined with improvements in attendance, reductions in suspensions and increases of graduation rates with completion of the A-G all demonstrate that L.A. Unified is becoming a district of continuous improvement for all students.

While we take pride in this momentum, we are also painfully aware of the vicious gaps in achievement highlighted in this latest data. Persistently lower test scores and outcome data, particularly for English Learners and African American students, point to continuing inequities within our system that deeply trouble everyone who believes in the promise of public education. We cannot rest until public education outcomes match our highest aspirations for every student in this district.

Standardized test data is only one indicator of progress and challenge. It is my hope that our district and the state will use this data as it is intended; as one instrument to better calibrate and realign instruction and resources. I look forward to a robust discussion with Superintendent Michelle King and my colleagues about how we will use this latest information to get to better faster for every student and family in our district.


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