20th Street Elementary Becomes a Partnership for L.A. School In Agreement Endorsed by Parents Union


LOS ANGELES (July 5, 2016) - As part of its commitment to improve student achievement, Los Angeles Unified today announced it has joined forces with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools in operating 20th Street Elementary School.

The District and the Partnership have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding, which took effect on July 1, outlining plans for boosting academic success at the South Los Angeles campus. These include transitioning to a new math curriculum for 2017-18, providing additional instructional support, developing community partnerships and enhancing family engagement through its Parent College. Existing contracts with United Teachers Los Angeles and other labor partners will remain in place.

The agreement has been endorsed by 20th Street Parents Union, a group of parents who had organized to request changes at the school. The nonprofit group Parent Revolution also supports the agreement.

“L.A. Unified, The Partnership, parents and Parent Revolution share the vision of providing high-quality learning opportunities for the students of 20th Street Elementary,” said Superintendent Michelle King. “With this collaborative new partnership, we can continue to strengthen the academic supports, social-emotional learning opportunities and parent-engagement programs that are essential to this school community.”

School Board Member Mónica García said the agreement will provide 20th Street Elementary families with another opportunity to increase resources, support and achievement for deserving students.

“This school community wants excellent services and outcomes for all youth and the Partnership is aligned with this mission,” Ms. García said. “Together, courageous parents, committed teachers and bold administrators will model for other schools, communities and districts on how to create learning environments for children and adults, with a focus on student learning, educator development and parent engagement.”

The Partnership is dedicated to bringing additional resources to high-need schools and generating innovative solutions that can be implemented Districtwide. The Partnership operates 17 other L.A. Unified schools in Boyle Heights, Watts and South Los Angeles.

“We are excited to welcome 20th Street Elementary to our family of schools and look forward to building on the unique strengths of the school staff and community,” said Partnership CEO Joan Sullivan. “Our goal is to partner together to empower all students with a high-quality education.”

Parent Revolution said the services and resources to be provided by the Partnership will address the concerns raised by 20th Street Elementary School families.

“After years of parent organizing efforts, we are excited that parents, the Partnership and LAUSD were able to come together to forge a new path forward for 20th Street Elementary,” said Sett Litt, executive director of Parent Revolution. “Parents are excited that their school and their community will get the support and attention they have wanted for so long.

“We believe that the Partnership’s track record of success in raising student achievement and engaging families in their children’s education will help to bring the school community together to create the high-quality school that this community deserves.”


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