LAUSD Board of Education Approves Over $11 Million in Repairs of the Historic John Marshall High School

LOS ANGELES (June 24, 2016) – The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved nearly $11 million in repairs of the historic tower and the administration building of John Marshall High School located in Los Feliz. The board also approved a $160,000 investment to modernize the school’s auditorium.

The original project, approved in August 2012, was slated to only repair the exterior facade of the administration building’s tower. The newly defined project will include the replacement of the roofing, repairs and improvements to the historic tower, seismic strengthening, and accessibility upgrades to the entrance of the school.

The tower repairs were initially triggered by deteriorated and failing building elements.  Further studies were conducted after the initial project was approved in 2012, and additional deficient building conditions, such as water intrusion, were discovered in both the administration building and the tower.

“I am overjoyed that the Board has voted to fund the repairs to this historic building,” said Marshall High School Principal Patricia Heideman.  “The building is incredibly important to the community around Marshall and the alumni who have been so supportive of our students.  The beautiful structure is symbolic of the legacy that Marshall has maintained throughout the years and is very dear to our community.”

Additionally, the Board of Education approved funding to begin modernizing the school’s auditorium.  This effort was inspired by Principal Heideman and community members in order to renovate the auditorium to beautify the space and to increase the auditorium’s sound quality to meet the needs of the visual and performing arts programs at the school.

“We know that Marshall High School is extremely special to this community because of its close ties with the Los Feliz family,” said Dr. Ref Rodriguez, who represents District 5 where Marshall High is located.  “I appreciate the advocacy of the parents, alumni, neighbors, and community members that support Marshall High, which is why my office has chosen to financially support the renovation of the school’s historic auditorium.”

Principal Heideman welcomes the repair to the auditorium.  “We are grateful that the Board and Dr. Rodriguez, in particular, recognize and is willing to support the desperately needed improvements to the auditorium to make it more functional.  On behalf of the John Marshall High School community, I offer my sincere gratitude to the LAUSD.”

The construction at Marshall High is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017.


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