School Board Approves Fostering Academic Research Resolution


LOS ANGELES (June 14, 2016) – Continuing an aggressive commitment to providing a high-quality education for all students, the Los Angeles Board of Education approved a resolution Tuesday supporting an influential symposium on public education. The goal is to bring together scholars and researchers to provide recommendations.

The ‘‘2016 Symposium on a Quality System of Public Education for All Students,” as yet unscheduled, will focus on collaboration, sustained improvement to address  student needs and best practices in staffing, funding, community engagement and space from traditional and charter schools.

It will be sponsored by the L.A. Compact, which includes 18 institutions, including L. A. Unified that are committed to positive changes in public schools, along with UNITE-LA, In the Public Interest and the Advancement Project.

Board President Steve Zimmer, a co-sponsor of the resolution said, “I am pleased to welcome this important partnership, which will provide us the essential and thorough research and analysis needed for the District to face the challenges before us as we strive to fulfill the promise of quality education that we have made to students, families and our communities.

Another co-sponsor Board Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III said, “I am pleased to support the collaboration of educational leaders, researchers and local stakeholders interested in advancing public education in Los Angeles. This commitment to exploring new best practices will provide our students with tools to transform them into the leaders of tomorrow.”

Board Member Scott Schmerelson, the resolution’s author said, “Last January, this Board unanimously approved my resolution entitled, “Excellent Public Education for Every Student.” This resolution resolved to develop a framework for excellent public schools, and improved outcomes, for every student by relying on tested strategies and forward thinking new models.

He added, “Accordingly, I was very excited to hear that the L.A. Compact, and a number of their partners, were organizing a scholarly symposium to research and create policy reports on “A System of High-Quality Public Education for All Students in L.A.”


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