Los Angeles School Police Chief Steven K. Zipperman on Incident at John C. Fremont Senior High School

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. today, a couple of spontaneous altercations between students broke out at John C. Fremont Senior High School. 

In an effort to quickly end the fights and to prevent further safety concerns or injuries, an officer used oleoresin capsicum (o.c.) spray – also commonly called pepper spray – on those involved in the altercations.

Although the fights quickly ended, other students were exposed to the spray. All students affected by the spray were evaluated onsite by medical personnel.  Parents were notified, and additional resources were made available throughout the day. The school resumed normal operations afterward. 

This incident will be reviewed by both the school administration, and the Los Angeles School Police Department.

I want to reassure parents and guardians that the safety of our students and staff is the top priority at L.A. Unified.



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