Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with the ILTSS Digital Library


In addition to general encyclopedias such as, Britannica Online and World Book Online, don’t forget to check out such resources as. Salem Press (search for Asian American), Gale Cengage (Biography Reference Center; Asian & Pacific Americans currently highlighted on splash page), ABC-CLIO (American History), American National Biography (Search tab --> Search Special Collections --> Asian Pacific American Heritage), Oxford Music Online and Oxford Art Online (search for Asian American in both).


To access the Digital Library:  Go to www.iltss.org --> on the narrow toolbar under the changing pictures, click on Digital Library and select Paid Sites.  This will take you to the main Digital Library page.  To access paid subscription sites, users must connect to the Internet directly through LAUSDnet or via the Remote Access link (SSO required for remote access).


The Integrated Library & Textbook Support Services’ Digital Library bridges the “digital divide” by providing all students equal access to up-to-date on-line reference materials via the Digital Library web page on LAUSDnet.  The Digital Library helps students build the information literacy skills needed in today’s world.  It supports California State Standards and hands-on student-centered learning and inquiry by providing access to a vast array of primary and secondary sources.