LAUSD Board of Education approves Grade 6-12 Center for Enriched Studies Magnet for South Region High School No. 8 in Maywood

From the Office of Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES (May 10, 2016) The Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District unanimously approved the establishment of a Grade 6-12 magnet at South Region High School No. 8 in the City of Maywood.

South Region High School No. 8 (SRHS No. 8) is scheduled to open in Fall 2017 as a Center for Enriched Studies Magnet School.  Its opening will alleviate the overcrowding at Bell Senior High School and allow it to transition from a year-round to two-semester calendar, and create more seats for the Bell Zone of Choice.  

SRHS No. 8 will be the third Center for Enriched Studies in the District. The two others are in West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

"The Southeast community has long advocated for more high-quality instructional programs in their neighborhoods,” said Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez. "I am thrilled that the LAUSD Board and District has listened, and has taken another step forward in closing the opportunity gap by creating a Center for Enriched Studies to be located in the City of Maywood. This new magnet school highlights the Board’s commitment to increasing the number of magnet programs throughout the District, and adds to the portfolio of magnet programs available to middle school and high school students in the Southeast Cities."

Located at Walker Avenue and Randolph Street, SRHS No. 8 meets the needs of the community to bring more magnet school options to the area.

“I am excited that a Center for Enriched Studies will be established in the Southeast communities, offering our families another high-quality option for their children,” said Superintendent Michelle King. “This full-school magnet, along with the approval of a dozen magnet expansions in 2017, underscores the District’s commitment to providing students with choices and opportunities that will prepare them for success in college and the workforce.”

Local District East, which will directly oversee the SRHS No. 8, also showed their strong support for the magnet program.

"We are thrilled about opening an amazing Center for Enriched Studies in the City of Maywood,” said Local District East Superintendent Jose Huerta. “Our students and communities deserve the best instructional model that will prepare them for a university or career of their choice.”

The new school will increase access to magnet seats in Maywood, while giving priority admission to incoming sixth- and ninth-grade students who reside in the Maywood community. The school will include a digital library, a wellness center, a college and career center, and a parent and family center. 

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