Statement from Los Angeles School Board President Steve Zimmer and Vice President Dr. George J. McKenna III: Zero Military Weapons

April 22, 2016
The District has publicly stated numerous times that the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) is no longer in possession of any weapons or equipment acquired through the Military Excess Property Program, commonly referred to as the 1033 program.               

We respect the many different views regarding this important issue. We also understand that there has been confusion about this issue and so it is important to reiterate: L.A. Unified has ended participation in this program. The District has returned every item that was obtained through the 1033 program and L.A. Unified will not participate in any program like this in the future.

All firearms, weapons and logistics deployed in the field to protect life are standard law enforcement-issue models.

We support our officers and the command and support staff of the LASPD who work diligently to ensure the safety and security of all students, employees and the school community at large.

L.A. Unified has not sanctioned or sponsored any events related to this issue. The District will always respect the rights of organizations to peaceably assemble and protest, and we look forward to continuing our important work with all community groups on the many issues of civil rights, immigrant rights and education equity that affect the lives of our children and families every day. 


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