L.A. Unified Signs Agreement for Athletic Team Uniforms

LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2016) – The Los Angeles Unified School District has signed a $9 million contract over the next three years that provides student-athletes with team uniforms.

The District, through a competitive bidding process, expects to reduce its costs by 30 percent. The Los Angeles Board of Education approved on Feb. 9 a contract covering all sports. The District will approve up to $9 million every three years to replace team athletic wear.

Uniforms reflect a critical part of student participation in athletic competition. They are required to ensure compliance with California Interscholastic Athletics Federation. No longer will pupil fees cover uniform costs, or be required to participate in team sports, reflecting state law.

“All students should be able to participate in sports without the added stress of having to pay for uniforms,” said Los Angeles Board of Education President Steve Zimmer.

Dr. George J. McKenna III added: “I played three sports in high school and wearing a team uniform was a source of pride. It still is today. The funding addresses an issue often taken for granted, but represents a big challenge: making sure that every athlete has a uniform, especially since school budgets have been under significant pressure."    

Secondary principals expressed their belief that assistance was needed to purchase team uniforms in order to comply with state guidelines. Under contract terms, schools can purchase uniforms for the school year starting in August.

“The student-athletes of LAUSD are the true winners,” said Trent Cornelius, coordinator, Interscholastic Athletics. “With this aid, students can spend less time fundraising, and focus on their academics and the sport they love.”



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