Los Angeles Education Board honors teachers for their efforts

LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2016) - The Board of Education, in a unanimous decision Tuesday night, approved a resolution honoring teachers.

“I have been a teacher,” said Board President Steve Zimmer said. “I loved teaching. It requires hard work, compassion and high expectations for every student. Thank you to all of our teachers at L. A. Unified, and let me personally thank all of my teachers as well,” Board President Steve Zimmer said.

The board said that teachers form the heart of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s mission to prepare students for college and careers. They also serve students as role models and mentors, while driving academic achievement.

For those reasons, teachers positively affect student lives well-beyond the classroom.

In addition, the board wanted to honor substitute teachers. They often are depended upon to provide s smooth transition in student learning, while adjusting to different working conditions.

“To be trusted with the education of any child is a privilege that comes with great responsibility,” said School Board Member Mónica García. “We celebrate every educator that has inspired the love of reading, writing, thinking, and believing on the path to 100 percent graduation.”

The board “recognizes and honors the contributions of teachers to quality education across the Los Angeles Unified School District and extends its gratitude and appreciation for their year-long efforts.”

Said Dr. Ref Rodriguez, board member: “We all know that our teachers have a great impact on our student learning and on their social-emotional, physical and mental health.”

He added, “Teachers fill so many roles in our schools, and I hope that they feel all of our love and appreciations this week and every week of the year.”

The board slated May 2 – 6 as National Teacher Appreciation Week, and the same time period for National Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week. In addition, the board said the District will observe May 3 as National Teacher Day.

“Our hardworking, dedicated, compassionate teachers support our students day-after-day and help them graduate career and college ready,” said Mónica Ratliff. “Teaching is tremendously fulfilling but it is not easy. I greatly appreciate the thousands of professionals that lead our classrooms and help our students achieve their goals and dreams.” 


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