Tesoro funds school projects in Wilmington

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 22, 2016) – Three schools in Wilmington, located near the Los Angeles Harbor, will receive about $50,000 to fund technology projects, resulting from a donation by the Tesoro Foundation.

The San Antonio-based corporation operates six refineries, including the largest one on the West Coast that neighbors the schools operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“Tesoro and the Tesoro Foundation are committed to collaborating with our stakeholders to create cleaner, safer, well-educated communities where we operate,” said Olga G. Chavez, the company’s associate public relations representative for the Los Angeles Refinery.

She added the company hopes the grants “encourage academic, emotional and social development so that all students may achieve their full potential and have equal access to higher education.”

The schools are:

• Avalon High School was awarded $20,000 for 30 computers that provide students with new software and skills that helps them prepare for college and careers. The new equipment will introduce students to coding, spreadsheets and computer programming. They also will have access to a variety of virtual labs and experiments they otherwise would not have.

• Phineas Banning High School was presented with two awards totaling $17,000. The first grant will pay for a robotics lab—an activity that will help students expand their world by competing in regional and state competitions, opening to them a world of invention and innovation. The lab supplements the new engineering courses that began this school year. A second donation helps Banning expand its range of small learning communities to new students, raising the school’s appeal.
• Gulf Avenue Elementary School received $12,000 for 30 laptops and a cart to store them. The school will not only provide students with technology, but will enhance professional development for teachers and helping parents understand how computers can enhance their child’s education. The school also set up a robotics class as well as an afterschool program to research robotics technology. Gulf Avenue hopes to become a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) magnet school.
Tesoro maintains several social media where more information can be found about its philanthropy efforts. Go to: www.facebook.com/TesoroCorporation or www.twitter.com/tesoroCorp.
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