LAUSD School Board Member Mónica García Statement on the Selection of Michelle King as Superintendent of Schools

Jan. 11, 2016
Today, Michelle King was selected as Superintendent of Schools for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

We are grateful for Michelle King’s courage to accept the leadership baton from Superintendent Emeritus Ramon C. Cortines, whose tenure was marked by his love of education, investment, discipline and his belief that change - to provide the highest quality service for our students - is possible.

As your school board member who joins with you in demanding the best for our children on a daily basis, I have confidence that Superintendent Michelle King will inspire a team of leaders to move us towards 100% graduation.

Students, families, and communities of District 2, join me in welcoming Superintendent Michelle King.

Superintendent Michelle King was an LAUSD student who worked hard to reach her dreams and an LAUSD parent that reminds us that parents and guardians love their children and want to work with this district to see all children succeed.

She has served us well for decades, as teacher, coordinator, principal, Local District Superintendent, and most recently as Chief Senior Deputy Superintendent.

Superintendent King reminds us that LAUSD employees are the trusted guardians of the faith and promise we hold for our families and the public.

Community, meet Superintendent Michelle King, a steadfast student advocate and champion for a District whose leadership and service has been witness to the transformation in LAUSD.

We have made progress. We have gone from a system that was overcrowded to one that offers every child a neighborhood school, from a system that made excuses for failure to one that accepts responsibility for our need to act.

And yet, we have much work to do to advance an educational justice agenda, including A-G for All, Student Climate Bill of Rights, and providing our schools more local control to better serve our youth and increase student achievement. Let's get to work, together.